Online Istikharah

What is the meaning of Istikhara, and why we do?

At the point when you are muddled about your choice, regardless of whether you take it or not, you are dubious then you do istikhara.

The word istikhara signify, “Looking for the direction from Allah what is best for you”. As indicated by prophet, Muhammad SAW: we should perform istikhara when we have settle on a significant choice of our life.

What is the Purpose of Online Istikhara?

The explanation of online istikhara is assist you with giving a quick and simple help at your home. It’s not possible for anyone to deny the significance of istikhara; it is the need of everyone. The idea of online istikhara make disarray in Muslim society. Istikhara itself reveal to us that, it is the assistance and generosity from the Allah.

For better consequence of your choice, you should do istikhara three to seven time day by day at explicit time, generally individuals do istikhara after Isha supplication, for istikhara there isn’t and quick limit line you should do it after any petition, yet it is better do it after Isha supplication. At the point when you perform, istikhara you should have total trust on Allah Almighty. During the times of istikhara, you should zero in on your objective. You can likewise reach us for online istikhara office.

The Protection and Method of Istikhara:


  • You should must be perfect and clean since cleaning is half of Imaan.
  • Slick your place for petition.
  • Get ready bathing.
  • You should be center around the motivation behind istikhara.
  • You should have strong accept on Allah Almighty choice.
  • Istikhara Method:
  • After Isha supplication, ask two istikhara Nawa fill.
  • In first Rakat after surah, Fatiha discuss the Surah-al-Kafirun and in second Rakah read surah-ul-Ikhlaas.
  • Presents istikhara petition when you ask the Nawa fill.

After present the Dua istikhara, you should send favoring in Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) as Durood, when any solicitation to the Allah Almighty for direct finish of supplications. You should rest as bathing and keep its face towards Qibla and it is the method of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

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